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Our Story

Serving people good food since 1980.

Mr. & Mrs. Buckner, along with their two sons and their wives opened the doors to Buckner’s Family Restaurant in October of 1980. Most of the recipes were just family recipes, which means they were made to taste just like they did at home. All the while keeping the backbone of the business focused on Christian morals and Biblical principles.

Since then, Buckner’s has grown slightly in size and greatly in customers, but the base will always be the same.

Our customers have allowed us to serve around 100 tons of chicken breast per year.

Reviews & Testimonials

The food was phenomenal. The service was outstanding. We brought family from out-of-state, they raved! This is definitely going on our list of places to bring guests. I, personally, couldn’t get enough of the peach cobbler. There wasn’t a dish I didn’t love. That is the way southern cooking should be.

Alisha LehewGoogle Review

Family style dining at its finest. Pulled pork= excellent. Lightly breaded chicken breast = excellent. All the veggies = perfect. Peach cobbler was fantastic. Everyone was very friendly and great at customer service.

Wade A.Yelp Reviews

Home of the Lazy Susan. Awesome, fresh cooked veggies, meats and dessert-peach cobbler. Love this place. A definite stop exit 201. Loved it.

MurikaDivaTripAdvisor Review

Our Prices

Thursday & Friday Lunch


  • Adult
  • Recycled Teenager (60 yrs & Up)
  • Kids (6 - 12 yrs)

Weekends & Supper

Friday Supper 4pm-8pm.
Saturday 11am-8pm.
Sunday 11am-7pm.

  • Adult
  • Recycled Teenager (60 yrs & Up)
  • Kids (6 - 12 yrs)

Ask about our special pricing for Charter Buses, Athletic Teams, and Tour Groups!

* We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!

* We will accept checks from the following institutions: Business Groups, Tour/Charter Lines, Universities/Colleges, Public/Private Schools, and most Government Agencies.

Get it To-Go

For One or Family Style

  • Snack Pack
    Comes with 2 pcs of Chicken or 1/4 lbs. of meat, 2 sides, and one piece of bread.
  • To-Go Plate
    Includes 1 Meat, 4 Sides, 2 pcs. Bread.
  • To-Go Combo Plate
    Add a beverage to a regular plate to make it a combo. Includes 1 Meat, 4 Sides, 2 pcs. Bread, and 1 Beverage.
  • To-Go Deluxe Plate
    Includes 2 Meats (or extra of same Meat), 4 Sides, 2 pcs. Bread, and 1 Beverage.
  • Small Family Pack (2-3 Guests)
    Includes 5 pcs. Chicken or 1 lb. of Meat, 4 pts. of Sides, 6 pcs of Bread, half gal. Beverage.
  • Medium Family Pack (4-6 Guests)
    Includes 12 pcs. Chicken or 2 lbs. of Meat, 4 qts. of Sides, 12 pcs of Bread, 1 gal. Beverage.
  • Large Family Pack (10-12 Guests)
    Includes 20 pcs. Chicken or 4 lbs. of Meat, 4 half gal. of Sides, 24 pcs of Bread, 2 gal. Beverage.
  • Mega Family Pack (20-25 Guests)
    Includes 45 pcs. Chicken or 8 lbs. of Meat, 4 gal. of Sides, 36 pcs of Bread, 3 gal. Beverage.

Bulk Orders

  • Chicken
    Sold by the piece.

    1 pc. $4.00

    4 pcs. $7.60

    8 pcs. $15.15

    12 pcs. $22.55

    20 pcs. $37.25

    50 pcs. $92.50

  • Meat
  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs
    $18 (Slab), $9.50 (Half), $5 (Third)
  • Side Item
    $2.50 (Cup), $5 (Pint), $8 (Qrt), $18 (1/2 Gal), $27 (Gal), $54 (2 gal)
  • Bread
    $0.50 - $3.50
    1 pc., 6 pcs., 1 dz.
  • Tea
    $4.00, $6.00
    Half Gallon or Gallon.
  • Lemonade
    $4.75, 7.00
    Half Gallon or  Gallon.

All you can eat, served family style on a lazy susan. It just simply doesn’t get better than that!

Location & Contact Info


P: 770.775.6150


Monday-Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 11am-4pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-7pm

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